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​Developing the World’s First AR Platform 300 Win Mag


It all started with the development of the Noreen Firearms Bad News (Gen I) semi-auto .338 Lapua in 2009. The original Bad News rifle was a winner among firearm and long range enthusiasts from the moment it hit the market, but soon we were getting requests to add additional chambering options for the more ergonomical shooters. The .300 Win Mag stood out as an obvious choice.

The First .300 Win Mag AR Platform

The original Noreen Firearms .300 Win Mag was developed on the Bad News platform, which is a proprietary internal-piston system that we utilized on the .338 Lapua Magnum version to borderline eliminate any residual barrel harmonics. The Bad News semi auto .300 Win Mag out-performed most bolt-action alternatives, a true tack-driver. Being durable, reliable, and was a great option for those who were looking for a seriously epic firearm. The only downside for our customers? The price.

Building a Cost-Effect .300 Win Mag AR Platform

In 2012, Noreen Firearms developed the world's first 30-06 in an AR platform, the BN36 Long Range Assassin. Another first for the company and the firearms industry. The new BN36 platform was direct gas impingement, smaller, and less expensive for us to build due to the lack of the piston. What does this have to do with the .300 Win Mag? Well, our customers wanted a more affordable option for the .300...which lead to the development of the BN36 Assassin model in 2015, which features modified receivers from the first gen, to accept the .300 Win Mag magazines. This allowed us to build a semi-auto .300 Win Mag in an AR platform for under $3k, and once again, it dominated the market.

What’s Next for the .300 Win Mag?

By adding the .300 Win Mag to the semi-auto BN36 platform, customers are able to swap out uppers between numerous available chambering options, and keep the same lower platform without having to buy an entirely new rifle. So what now? We are always looking for ways to make our products better, whether that’s by adding new chambering options to the list of the BN36 series, discussing extended mag options, new handguard designs (stay tuned for 2018...), or any other ideas, we’re always open for a discussion. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to hear your suggestions! 

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ULR ​50BMG - What Recoil?

Three things generally come to mind when someone says “50BMG”. Serious firepower Long range shooting Recoil When we were developing the Noreen Ultra Long Range rifle, or “ULR” for short, those three items are what we focused on. The firepower and long range capabilities are both covered with the 50BMG chambering...but the large cartridge brings us to item number 3: [...]

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SHOT Show 2017

Noreen Firearms is happy to announce that once again, we'll be at SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, NV!  Stop by booth #2204 to say hi, and see what we'll be offering for 2017.  We'll have our most popular rifles there for all to see, including our BN36 Long Range Assassin. Our BN36 series has been redesigned [...]

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation has always been an active leader in fighting for our country’s 2nd Ammendment rights. This year, they are hitting the campaign trail harder than ever.With our nation’s values on the line, NSSF has been fighting to spread awareness of the importance of our actions in November. The foundation is making [...]

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The Award Winning 30-06 AR-Style Rifle

The Noreen Firearms Carbine Assassin-X chambered in 30-06 was released in January of 2016, and it’s been turning some heads. Since its first public appearance at SHOT Show, this rifle has quickly become one of our most popular models, and for good reason. It made the top 10 list of Blue Book of Gun Values [...]

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Guns America reviews the BN36 Long Range Assasin in 30-06

Check out this review from Guns America. Paul Helinski got his hands on a BN36 Long Range Assassin semi-automatic 30-06. Paul demonstrates the accuracy and reliability of the firearm in multiple videos and written reviews. View it here:

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Noreen's Carbine Assassin-X Semi-Automatic 30-06 was featured in the April edition of Guns & Lace

Noreen's Carbine Assassin-X Semi-Automatic 30-06 was featured in the April edition of Guns & Lace!Check it out here:

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New .30-06 AR - BN36 Carbine Assassin-X for 2016

We've upgraded our BN36 Carbine Assassin with a new fore-end, stock and pistol grip. With a mil-spec trigger and 20 round magazine, this beauty is truly unparalleled. We are continuing to utilize the same proven platform for our BN36 to deliver a carbine in a style matching an AR in a .30-06 chamber. View full details [...]

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SHOT Show 2016, Las Vegas, NV

Come find Noreen Firearms at booth 2204 during SHOT Show, January 19-22, 2016! We'll be doing live machining demonstrations using a 4 axis CNC mill. We'll be showing the process for our BRAND NEW Noreen 700 short action with 20 moa built in rail and integral recoil lug. In addition to the machining demonstration, we'll [...]

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Brad Bags his Bull

During the first week of November, Brad, a friend of ours at BW Outfitters, came out to visit Noreen Firearms and explore the Montana wilderness. Nathan, a member of the Noreen team, took Brad to a secluded spot on the east side of the Bridger Mountains with a small group of hunting buddies. Before long, the [...]

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