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  Night Force Scopes

Nightforce dominates the long range and tactical shooting markets, and we fully
understand why.

The philosophy of Nightforce is focused on building the ultimate instruments for ultra long range and tactical shooting. Their research and testing has developed new standards in manufacturing and quality control. Every Nightforce scope is assembled at their factory in North Central Idaho. All Nightforce scopes are 100% inspected and certified, passing vigorous testing prior to shipping. Their commitment to ultimate rifle scope performance by using cutting edge technology and advanced mechanical designs is unparalleled in the industry. All NXS models share exceptional features, making them the finest rifle scopes ever produced.

Only Long Range is proud to be a full-line Nightforce dealer.

  Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50x56 Police Marksman II LP

Schmidt & Bender of Germany has added the 12-50x56 PM II to their popular line of Police Marksman tactical scopes, the highest magnification riflescope Schmidt & Bender has created to date.

The 12-50X56 PM II is built on a 34 mm tube. It provides parallax adjustment from 50 m to infinity, and target-style adjustment turrets. Eye relief is 70 mm, and the scope measures 16.4 inches (417 mm) in length.

Several reticles are offered with the 12-50x56 PM II, in either the first or second focal plane (depending upon the model). In addition to the P3 and P4 Fine, which offer sophisticated rangefinding capabilities, new Sport and Sport Fine reticles have also been introduced which will appeal to the precision target shooter.

The 12-50x56 PM II is available in several elevation/windage
configurations: double turn elevation turret with ¼ MOA clicks (0-65 MOA) combined with a single turn windage turret in ¼ MOA clicks, both turrets clockwise or counter-clockwise; multi-turn elevation with ¼ cm clicks
(0-175 cm) combined with single turn windage in ¼ cm clicks; or multi-turn elevation with 1/8 MOA clicks (0-75 MOA) combined with double turn windage, also with 1/8 MOA clicks, and both turrets clockwise or counter-clockwise. The 1/8 MOA version with ccw adjustments will be the first to be available in the U.S., at the request of F-Class shooters seeking a long-range scope of absolute precision.

Military and law enforcement professionals will find the new 12-50x56 PM II applicable to a number of specialized long-range applications and weapons, and the competition shooter will finally be able to employ Schmidt & Bender quality, light transmission and legendary optics in a versatile riflescope of extreme magnification.

  Leica Optics

Precise ranging is critical to ultra long range accuracy. Leica is the world
leader in ranging technology, and their binoculars are the brightest and best.
Both stand alone Leica rangefinders and the awesome Geovid rangefinder
binoculars will nail accurate ranges out to 1,500 yards. We can set you up
with any Leica product you need.


What is the fun in owning an ultra long range rifle if you can't afford to
shoot it? We have researched and located a number of great resources
that allow us to provide our customers with quality ammo at very
reasonable prices.

50 BMG HSM is a top quality ammunition manufacture and we have had
very goodresults with their full line from full metal jackets bullets to the
750gr A Max.

416 This 395 gr machine-turned, solid brass boat tail bullet leaves the
muzzle at 3,250 fps. 80 rounds per case.

338 Lapua The popularity of the Lapua round has grown steadily since it
was first developed in the mid-80's. We offer the full line of ammunition
from the original manufacturer in Europe.

ATTENTION: All ammunition requires an adult signature over
21 upon delivery, no exceptions. If you are in Illinois a FOID card
must on file before we will ship. If you are in Los Angeles, Chicago,
New York City, or Massachusetts we will ship to an FFL dealer.



This is a truly excellent bipod for our ultra long range
rifles. Wide 17" wide stance for a solid base, low profile for
prone and bench shooting, and cants for uneven ground. This
bipod is built strong and features adjustable, lockable cant,
lock rings to secure legs and folds for transport. Barrel center
line in 9.5"


We looked at a bunch of them. By far the best we found. Adjuster body CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy / black anodized. Quick button allows for rapid "rough" height adjustment. Oversize thumb wheel for precise fine height adjustment Adjuster Leg easily removed from body for Heavy Gun Class Competition. Mounting hardware included 100% Made in the USA

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Noreen BN36 Rifle Warning
Do not use any ammunition manufactured before 1990 in any of our rifles. We will not warranty them