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  • BN36 Long Range Assassin Semi Auto AR Platform 30-06 Rifle - Right
  • BN36 Long Range Assassin Side Charging Semi Auto 30-06 AR Platform Rifle - Left
  • Side Charging Upper AR Platform 30-06 20 Round Magazine
  • BN36 30-06 AR15 Style Rifle
  • BN36 Long Range Assassin 30-06 AR Platform Long Range Rifle
  • Semi Auto AR Platform 30-06 with Luth-AR stock and 20 round Magazine
  • BN36 30-06 20 Round AR15 Style Magazine

BN36 - Long Range Assassin (.270 | .25-06 | .30-06)

* BN36 Chambering Options:
* Magazine Size Options (One Included):

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    20 rounds of 30-06 at your fingertips. 

    The BN36 Long Range Assassin was driven by the thought of recreating the M1 Garand, and revamping it into an AR style rifle. The dream was brought to life by Noreen in 2012 with early prototypes. The BN36 on the market today is a refined model of the original version, and will meet and exceed your expectations.

    Chambering 30-06 Springfield, 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 300 Winchester Mag,
    7mm Remington Mag
    Operation Direct Gas Impingement, Side Charging Semi Automatic
    Barrel Length 22”
    Weight 9lbs.
    Rifling 1-10 Twist
    Stock Luth AR
    Pistol Grip A2
    Sights Optional
    Magazine 20 rd. (300 Win 10rd)
    Trigger Match
    Muzzle Brake Noreen Design, 5/8-24

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    Noreen BN36 killing a boulder at 640yds (01:14)
    Shooting the Noreen BN36 30-06 at 640yds we just killed this car sized boulder!
    • Noreen BN36 killing a boulder at 640yds
      Shooting the Noreen BN36 30-06 at 640yds we just killed this c...
    • Noreen BN36 Commercial
      In your face informative commercial for the Noreen BN36 30-06 AR
    • Noreen BN36 30-06 Commercial
      Noreen BN36 30-06 commercial highlighting this more and more p...
    • Noreen BN36 .30-06 3-Mag Dump
      The Noreen BN36 Direct Gas Impingement rifle, chambered in 30-...

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    1. Accurate 0 star rating

      Posted by Bill Bisson on 17th May 2017

      Love this piece shoot's like a 243 accurate and fun. Glad you folks came out with the BN series. Customer service is great as well. Like the fact that I had options also. Went with the MAGPUL stock.

    2. This gun is awesome 0 star rating

      Posted by John Gentry on 8th Nov 2016

      I have the BN36 Long range assassin in .30-06 and absolutely love the gun. The build is top rate and the quality is superb. I have about 180 rounds through it at this point and have no issues what so ever. I primarily shoot 180 grns. through it and the accuracy is excellent. I live in the great state of Alaska and have fired this gun in some pretty cold temperatures and have had no issues with that either. Some semi- autos don't work too well in the extreme cold but it hasn't been a problem. It is a little heavy to carry hunting, but it certainly has no problem knocking down bear or moose. Great gun and a lot of fun to shoot! Very kick butt!

    3. Great rifle design and function 0 star rating

      Posted by Jimmy Partin on 17th Aug 2016

      The rifle is professionally crafted, solid components and looks great. I've only had time to fire a few rounds, but I'm satisfied thus far. I highly recommend this rifle.

    4. Accuracy not an issue. 0 star rating

      Posted by jarhead0351 on 14th Jul 2015

      Bought an early model BN36. I have now Fired @700 rnds through it. With factory federal Hunting ammo I am getting .50 -1.0 moa groups. With 168 grain HPBT match Hornady hand loads I am getting consistant .25 - .50 moa. Once the barrel finishes breaking in I expect to do better as long as I do my job right. The only complaint I have is that a couple of things rattled loose during the first 50 rnds. There have been some complaints on the web about brass being chewed up. My experience has been adjust, adjust, and fine tune the gas port. Don't be in a hurry and stick to one type and weight of ammo. You will get rid of those marred cases as it is a timing issue that's causing them.. Keep in mind all auto loaders will leave marks of some kind on the spent cases, always have always will. These normal dings will polish out in the reloading process. Make sure you put a high quality optics on the weapon never expect a 50.00 scope to perform like a 1500.00 scope etc, etc.

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