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338 Lapua

408 Chey Tac

416 Barrett

50 BMG


There's long range. Then there's ultra-long range. For elite marksmen who have what it takes to tackle targets from 2000+ yards, there's the Noreen ULR Rifle.

Drilling targets from one ridge top to another takes a special set of skills and a special rifle. If you've got the skills, the Noreen Ultra-long Range rifle is the tool to compliment them.

Shots from a few hundred yards? Don't sweat the light stuff. We're talking about precision shot placement on targets from a mile and a half. A paper target at 1,500 yards? Steady up. Punch the 10 ring. A wild hog at 1,000 yards? Range it. Dial it in. Make bacon. Those kinds of shots are exactly what Noreen ULR Rifles are made for.

A model of simplicity, a Noreen ULR Rifle consists of just a few basic components - a premium steel barrrel, machined receiver & bolt, Timney trigger, muzzle brake, shoulder stock & bipod - combined for one purpose: ultra-long range accuracy.

The rifle's mass weight matched to a muzzle brake and recoil reduction system eliminates excessive recoil. In fact, most shooters report their Noreen ULR Rifle "kicks" far less than their standard deer rifle. So you can shoot multiple rounds without feeling you went 15 rounds with the champ.

Rifle with XLR Stock
(Shown with optional accessories)

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Single shot, bolt action very light felt recoil weigh 32 pounds

34" button-rifled chromemoly barrel with a 1-15 twist

Positive extraction

Shell holder bolt

Timney adjustable trigger

Picatinny top rail

Foldable rotating bipod

Collapsible shoulder stock

Muzzle brake

Recoil reduction system

20 & 35 moa bases available

Available in Camo & Tactical Black

Hard case


Noreen Ultra-Long Range Rifle (.50BMG) - $2,999

.338 Lapua, .416 Barret, 408 Chey TAC, 50 DTC - $2,999

Rifle with XLR Stock (all Calibers) - $3,499




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Noreen BN36 Rifle Warning
Do not use any ammunition manufactured before 1990 in any of our rifles. We will not warranty them