Bad News 338 Lapua

by Tim Williams

SHOT Show 2010 unveiled a radically new concept for the ultra-long-range shooting world:an AR-style rifle chambered for the mighty .338 Lapua Magnum, the first of its kind.Now nearly a decade old, the Noreen Firearms Bad News has been overhauled and the upgraded Gen II has become a signature rifle for the company.

The Gen II Bad News is truly a long-range powerhouse.Built on upgraded billet receivers this rifle is robust enough to significantly mitigate the recoil of heavy 300 grain factory loads yet trim enough to accompany high altitude shooters and hunters.The new one-piece handguard simplifies accessory mounting and adds rigidity to this large caliber work of art.

Like the other long range semi-automatic rifles in the Noreen lineup, the Bad News utilizes a side-charging system but, rather than direct impingement, the bolt and carrier are piston driven by a short stroke piston.This hybrid approach allows for the accuracy of an impingement rifle without the level of action fouling that a large cartridge like the .338 Lapua tends to produce.

Billet magazines are made in house and are available in five or 10 round capacity.A Magpul PRS stock comes standard and balances this 26 inch barreled masterpiece nicely.