by Tim Williams

Noreen BN36X3-Long Range

AR style rifle

Side charging semi-automatic

Direct Gas impingement

Match trigger

Luth AR stock

**When the direct gas impingement action had its genesis in the mid-1900’s, who would have imagined how far it could be taken?

While the origins of this system have their roots in Europe, the most prolific use of this system resides in the AR (Armalite Rifle) style rifles, pistols, and even shotguns that dominate the U. S. firearms market today.The AR-15 and AR-10 type chassis have long been used as a platform for gaining enhanced ballistic and terminal performance by chambering them for a myriad of cartridges beyond the originals.

Noreen Firearms, LLC of Belgrade, Montana has taken things even further by pioneering the long action direct gas impingement rifle.

Purpose built from billet 6061 Aluminum, the BN36X3 Long Range rifle is truly a thing to behold.Robust yet extremely well balanced, this rifle takes the “cool guy” factor to a whole new level.With up to 20 rounds available (in the .30-06 class rifles) you are packing some serious firepower.The X3 model also has its receivers and handguard redesigned for a more trim, lighter package.The BN36X3 shaves off nearly a full pound in weight from its predecessors!

With a familiar look and a feel that most shooters today are comfortable with, the BN36X3 optimizes the direct gas impingement operating system in the AR style platform.While obviously neither an AR-15 nor AR-10 type chassis, this beast does make use of many common parts used across the industry for the smaller DI platforms.

The Noreen match trigger enhances the functionality of this rifle with its clean, crisp pull.As passionate long-range shooters, the folks at Noreen Firearms understand how important a clean breaking trigger is.The Noreen match trigger can also be purchased separately and installed in other AR type platforms.

The Luth AR stock, which comes standard with the BN36X3, adds to the platform a perfect balance when carrying or shouldering the rifle.

Although side-charging AR type rifles aren’t the most common in the industry, they do provide some benefits over rear charging platforms.Particularly when you get into the long action.Due to the significantly longer stroke of the bolt carrier group on these rifles, having a rear charging design would require most shooters to remove the rifle from their shoulder to perform immediate action in the event of a malfunction.

Not so with the side-charging design.With the majority of shooters being right-handed, simply moving the firing hand forward to manually cycle the action is a movement that most shooters in this country have trained into muscle memory from childhood using a bolt action rifle or shotgun.

As this class of rifle is what most hunters and many competitive long-range shooters utilize, the transition to direct impingement from bolt action should be fairly easy.Obviously, there are nuances to long action gas guns that will need to be learned, but the recoil reduction, speed of follow up shots, and ease of reloading the rifle are DEFINITELY worth the learning curve!