by Mike Faw



Noreen Firearms Offers DIY Lowers and Uppers

BELGRADE, MT--- A well-known benefit of the AR rifle platform is the ability to make changes—or easily build a custom rifle you dream to own. Noreen Firearms can help you start that dream rifle project—or easily upgrade an existing AR rifle. The Montana-based company offers a wide range of lower and upper receivers to complete your project(s) and you can select from forged or CNC-machined billet components.

More great news for DIY firearms enthusiasts is that the company offers 80% completed lower receivers for both AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. These lowers are designed and finished to the condition that nearly all standard finishing jigs will work to transform the parts to ready-to-use status. Noreen Firearms offers forged and CNC billet manufactured receivers for the popular AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. The AR-15 receiversaccept MilSpec components while the AR-10 .308 receivers are patterned to DPMS Gen 1 specifications.

For those wanting to upgrade their AR rifles’ actions, Noreen Firearms also provides forged and billet manufactured upper receivers for AR-15 and AR-10 rifle platforms. These products are widely recognized for quality and ease of completion standards. The company’s manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the art CNC machines in the production of billet manufacturing components so precise fits are ensured. All orders ship same or next-day.

To further aid with AR platform rifle projects, Noreen Firearms offers component kits for upper receiver building projects. For rifle builders who like the satisfaction of, and have the capabilities, the company also offers forged 0% processed lowers for the .223 AR-15 rifles. To further ensure a professional project, Noreen Firearms offers a free download guide with step-by-step instructions on completing the receivers.

To purchase the AR rifle components online, or for additional details on the many components available from Noreen Firearms, visit For answers to rifle build project questions and necessary components, email or call 406-388-2200.


Located in Montana since it opened for business in 2007, Noreen Firearms® offers cutting-edge firearms such as the bolt-action Ultra Long Range Rifle® chambered in 50BMG and the Bad News® rifle based on the AR-platform and chambered for .338 Lapua. The company manufactures innovative uppers, lowers, and parts for the DIY rifle builders, plus complete bolt-action and semi-auto rifles in its state-of-the-art facility. Noreen Firearms brings nearly 200 products to the firearms market. Additional details are at or available by calling 406-388-2200.